Answer: extremely harmful or poisonous
Word Origin late Middle English (originally describing a poisoned wound): from Latin virulentus from virus 'poison' (see virus).
Scrabble Points: 11
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Virulent definition is - marked by a rapid severe and destructive course. How to use virulent in a sentence.
Medicine/Medical. highly infective; malignant or deadly. Bacteriology. causing clinical symptoms. violently or spitefully hostile. intensely bitter spiteful or malicious: a virulent attack.
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Characterized by causing or promoting the rapid onset of severe illness. Used of a disease or toxin.
having or showing a desire to cause someone pain or suffering for the sheer enjoyment of it the virulent look on her face warned me that she was about to say something unkind
A virulent disease is one that's infectious spreading and making lots of people sick while a virulent rant is just a verbal attack causing si...