Answer: blameless and exemplary
Word Origin late 18th century: from un-1 + impeachable.
Scrabble Points: 24
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a person of unimpeachable integrity The information is from an unimpeachable source.
unimpeachable : adjective above reproach approved believable beyond reproach blameless credible creditable excellent faultless guiltless ideal ...
The band had an unimpeachable reputation in independent music circles and had even released a split single with Nirvana two years earlier. THIRTY YEARS AGO NIRVANA'S 'NEVERMIND' ROCKED THE MIDWEST DAWSON BARRETT JONATHAN WRIGHTAPRIL 9 2021 WASHINGTON POST
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The basic premise - that phenomena involving change over time are properly described by differential equations - is unimpeachable. From the Cambridge English Corpus In a world where wages are perfectly flexible the exchange rate does not matter and the case for a world currency is almost unimpeachable. From the Cambridge Engli...