Answer: oily; bland; insincerely suave
Word Origin late Middle English (in the sense 'greasy'): from medieval Latin unctuosus from Latin unctus 'anointing' from unguere 'anoint'.
Scrabble Points: 10
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English Language Learners Definition of unctuous formal + disapproving —used to describe someone who speaks and behaves in a way that is meant to seem friendly and polite but that is unpleasant because it is obviously not sincere See the full definition for unctuous in the English Language Learners Dictionary
29 synonyms of unctuous from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus plus 64 related words definitions and antonyms. Find another word for unctuous . Unctuous : not being or expressing what one appears to be or express.
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Unctuous definition characterized by excessive piousness or moralistic fervor especially in an affected manner; excessively smooth suave or smug. See more.
Define unctuous . unctuous synonyms unctuous pronunciation unctuous translation English dictionary definition of unctuous . adj. 1. Excessively ingratiating or insincerely earnest: was annoyed by the unctuous waiter.
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