Answer: prender la maquina
to turn on the machine
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Restart the machine as instructed by the message on the touch panel (turn off the power by pressing the [POWER] button and then press it again to turn on the power). When using the fax or Internet fax function always keep the main power switch in the " " position. In order for some settings to take effect the machine must be restarted.
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( Turn On) The Music Machine is the debut album by the American garage rock band the Music Machine and was released on Original Sound Records on December 31 1966. It arrived just months after the group's hit single " Talk Talk " propelled to number 15 on the national charts.
Open your browser and go to the Azure portal. In the Azure portal go to Azure Virtual Desktop. Select Host pools then go to the host pool where you want to enable the setting. In the host pool select Properties. Under Start VM on connect select Yes then select Save to instantly apply the setting.
What should I do when I turn the machine on for the first time? - Remove and rinse the water tank. - Fill the water tank up to the MAX level using only fresh still drinking water. - Refit the tank. - Plug the power cord into a power outlet socket. - Press the on/brew switch to turn on the machine. - Wait until the machine has completed the heating cycle. ...