Answer: will
To do something
To do something quickly and/or easily; To try hard to do or get something; To start doing something; To start doing something new or different; An attempt to do something; To do something before someone else; Hard work and effort; Words used to describe effort; To take part or to become involved; To do something in a way that is not serious
Definition of do something . : to take some sort of action to help a situation Don't just stand there: do something !
Use our Synonym Finder. Nearby Words. do something badly. do something constantly. do something continually. do something for. do something for effect. do something furtively. do someone's heart good.
A few deep breaths and several rounds of sun salutations are an awesome way to distract your mind from boredom. Roll out your yoga mat and do some stretches at home or just sit and practice deep breathing. For a great stretch try yin yoga and for something more athletic look for a free power yoga class online.
1. To be given permission or the opportunity to do something especially that which is desi...