Answer: nuclear membrane forms to make new nucleus
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Telophase (from the Greek τέλος (télos) "end" and φάσις (phásis) "stage") is the final stage in both meiosis and mitosis in a eukaryotic cell.During telophase the effects of prophase and prometaphase (the nucleolus and nuclear membrane disintegrating) are reversed.
Telophase is the final stage in cell division. During telophase the nuclear envelopes reform around the new nuclei in each half of the dividing cell. The nucleolus or ribosome producing portions of the nucleus return. As the cell has finished moving the chromosomes the main parts of the spindle apparatus fall depolymerize or fall apart.
Telophase definition is - the final stage of mitosis and of the second division of meiosis in which the spindle disappears and the nucleus reforms around each set of chromosomes.
Telophase . In telophase the daughter chromosomes arrive at the spindle poles and are eventually redistributed into bulk chromatin. Individual chromosomes begin to decondense back into chromatin at this stage and start to become less clearly defined. Polymerized microtubular networks that formed the mitotic spindle during metaphase and anaphase ...
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