Answer: showy and flashy but lacking in good taste (like if Mrs. Bender showed up
to teach wearing a feathered headband, an animal print leotard and bright
red shoes!!)
Word Origin early 17th century: short for tawdry lace a fine silk lace or ribbon worn as a necklace in the 16th–17th centuries contraction of St Audrey's lace: Audrey was a later form of Etheldrida (died 679) patron saint of Ely where tawdry laces along with cheap imitations and other cheap finery were traditionally sold at a fair.
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Tawdry definition is - cheap and gaudy in appearance or quality. How to use tawdry in a sentence. Did you know? Synonym Discussion of tawdry .
Tawdry definition (of finery trappings etc.) gaudy; showy and cheap. See more.
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tawdry : 1 adj tastelessly showy " tawdry ornaments" Synonyms: brassy cheap flash flashy garish gaudy gimcrack loud meretricious tacky tatty trashy tasteless lacking a...