Answer: ex. T. Jefferson follows letter of constitution
Strict Constructionist
Definition of strict constructionist. : one who favors giving a narrow conservative construction of a given document or instrument specifically : one who favors a strict construction of the Constitution of the United States — compare loose constructionist.
In the United States strict constructionism is a particular legal philosophy of judicial interpretation that limits or restricts such interpretation only to the exact wording of the law (namely the Constitution
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Strict constructionists often look only at the literal meaning of the words in question or at their historical meaning at the time the law was written. Also referred to as "strict interpretation" or "original intent " because a person who follows the doctrine of strict construction of the Constitution tries to ascertain the intent of the framers at the time the document was written by considering what the language they used meant at that time.
Strict constructionisim or original intent is a theory limiting interpretation of legal and constitutional language to the literal meaning of this language at the time of passage. This theory contrasts with a loose construction of laws which allows broader discretion by judges to determine intent in legal language.
Strict constructionism refers to the practice of applying a narrow or 'strict' interpretation of the U.S. Constitution or other legal texts. Str...