Answer: Committee to which proposed bills are referred
Standing Committee
Legal Definition of standing committee. : a permanent committee especially : one in a house or senate with jurisdiction over legislation in a particular area (as the judiciary or the armed services) Comments on standing committee.
A standing committee of a state legislature is a committee that exists on a more-or-less permanent basis from legislative session to session that considers and refines legislative bills that fall under the committee's subject matter.
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Standing committee definition a permanent committee as of a legislature society etc. intended to consider all matters pertaining to a designated subject. See more. DICTIONARY.COM covers the activities of the standing committees of the House and Senate which provide legislative oversight and administrative services. will undergo scheduled maintenance between 6 PM Sat. 8/28 and 11:59 PM Sun. 8/29 and may be temporarily unavailable.
The primary purpose of standing committees shall be to consider and recommend actions and propose policies in the functional areas under their jurisdictions subject to final approval by the Council. Section 2. Membership of Standi...