Answer: a fighting force that is maintained in times of peaceas well as times of war
standing army
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Post-classical history Ottoman Empire. The first modern standing armies in Europe during the Middle Ages were the Janissaries of the Ottoman... France. The first Christian standing army since the fall of the Western Roman Empire to be paid with regular wages ... Hungary. The Black Army established ...
Standing Army: Directed by Thomas Fazi Enrico Parenti. With Olivier Bancoult William Blum Noam Chomsky YĆ“ichi Iha. Over the course of the last century the US has silently encircled the world with a web of military bases unlike any other in history. No continent is spared.They have shaped the lives of millions yet remain a mystery to most.
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For many having the largest population and standing army in the world are a source of everyday national pride. — NBC News 11 May 2021 President Joe Biden took office in a city protected by a standing army two weeks after a pro-Trump mob overran the US Capitol. — Peter Nickeas CNN 7 Mar. 2021 The tax fights would intensify and by the end of the year Kosovo's legislature had voted to create a standing army.
Seldom does reality enter the picture. Standing armies after all often do not only practice defense. Once established a government's military its bureaucrats and leaders as well as laymen all face a different set of incentives. Those with a job related to the military have an incentive to keep their job.
The immense costs necessary to raise and maintain a standing army (moneys required for pay uniforms rations weapons pensions and so forth) would burden the populace with an immense...