Answer: composed of columnar epithelium and extends from the middle of the leaf to
the bottom of the leaf where it connects to the lower epidermis. the cells
of the spongy layer of the epidermis are not as densely packed as those
which exist within the palisades layer. these cells have a lower
concentration of chloroplasts and consiquently do not have the same
photosynthetic activity as the cells that exist in the palisades layer
spongy layer
What is the spongy layer? : a layer of loosely packed and irregularly shaped chlorophyll-bearing cells that fills the part of a leaf between the palisade layer and the lower epidermis — called also spongy parenchyma spongy tissue.
The spongy layer of a leaf is the squishy middle layer inside the leaf kind of like the creamy center of a sandwich cookie. It's made up of parenchyma cells loosely arranged cells that come in...
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The spongy layer of a leaf features small air spaces between cells that allow for the exchange of gases in photosynthesis. Together with the palisade the spongy layer makes up the mesophyll of the leaf. Spongy cells of the leaf are loosely packed together and lie between the palisade and the lower epidermis with the air spaces connected to each other and the outside by stomata.
If you pull up a piece of the lawn and a soft spongy layer resembling compressed peat is between the blade of grass and the roots you have thatch. Shortcuts to a healthy lawn Evidences of formation of 'peat' were also found in two excavation trenches he said adding that peat is a spongy layer of botanical remains deposited over a l...