Answer: He was the first of the Safavid Shahs to establish Persia as a homogeneous
state, enforcing, often brutally, adherence to Shi'ism, and imposing Farsi
as a unifying language throughout the land.
Shah Abbas
Abbas the Great or Abbas I of Persia (Persian: شاه عباس بزرگ ‎; 27 January 1571 – 19 January 1629) was the 5th Safavid Shah (king) of Iran and is generally considered one of the greatest rulers of Iranian history and the Safavid dynasty.
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Shah Abbas is widely recognized to have been the most eminent ruler of the Safavid Dynasty that ruled Persia (Iran) from 1502 to 1722 C.E. He was also known as Shah Abbas the Great (شاه عباس بزرگ). He became Shah of Iran in early 1581 in a revolt against his father Mohammad of Safavid who was imprisoned.
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Abbas I byname Abbas the Great shah of Persia in the Safavid era known for the reforms and artistic achievements under his reign and for building up the city of Esfahan. He strengthened the monarchy by establishing a standing army and succeeded in expelling the Ottomans and Uzbeks from Persian soil.
Shah 'Abbas was also an active patron of painting and book production. His commission of a Shahnama reestablished the royal painting atelier that had shrunk during the reigns of his two predecessors.
On 15 May 1642 at Kashan Mohammad Mirza was crowned as shah of Iran and chose "Abbas II" as his dynastic name. Since he was less than ten year...