Answer: to feel
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* sentirse traicionado = feel + a sense of betrayal. * sentirse triste = feel + sad ; feel + blue . * sentirse un cero a la izquierda = feel like + a spare part .
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sentirse decepcionado. sentirse despreocupado. sentirse estafado. sentirse inquieto. sentirse intimidado por (alguien) sentirse mareado. sentirse molesto u ofendido. sentirse muy confuso. Translations into more languages in the English- Dutch dictionary.
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In Spanish we use the verb sentir to express "to feel" but there are two forms: sentir or sentirse 1. Sentir We use sentir to say that you feel "something". In this case you will generally find a noun after the verb acting as a direct object. Sometimes that noun can be accompanied by other words like articles and adjectives: And sentir can also be followed by a subordinate ...
sentirse . to feel. Examples have not been reviewed. Por ejemplo...