Answer: to feel
sentirse (ie i)
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The verb sentirse is a reflexive verb that means to feel. It is used to talk about how someone feels psychologically or physically. For example Me siento feliz (I feel happy) or Nos sentimos cansados (We feel tired). This verb can also be used as a non-reflexive verb sentir in which case it can have several different meanings.
Translate Sentirse . See 11 authoritative translations of Sentirse in English with example sentences conjugations and audio pronunciations.
Notes: Cambio radical: e > ie > i .Note: This verb is used intransitively for example with adjectives: Se sienten enfermos They feel sick; the nonreflexive form of this verb sentir is used transitively in the sense of to feel regret (something).
Sentirse – describes 'how' you feel. In other words we generally use sentir with nouns (joy happiness heat) and sentirse with adjectives or adverbs...