Answer: A process by which presidents when selecting district court judges, defer
to the senator in whose state the vacancy occurs
Senitorial Courtesey
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Definition of senatorial courtesy : a custom of the U.S. Senate of refusing to confirm a presidential appointment of an official in or from a state when the appointment is opposed by the senators or senior senator of the president's party from that state Examples of senatorial courtesy in a Sentence
The custom known as "senatorial courtesy" is not a formal rule of the Senate and is not included in the published rules of that body. The term is used to refer to a practice of long standing whereby certain nominations to federal office have been objected to by an individual senator on the ground that the person nominated
Senatorial courtesy is a long-standing unwritten unofficial and nonbinding constitutional convention in the United States describing the tendency of U.S. senators to support a Senate colleague when opposing the appointment to federal office of a nominee from that Senator's state.
Senatorial courtesy is related to the approval of presidential appointees. It is not a law or a rule but simply a customary procedure that has traditionally been followed in the U.S. Senate.
Senatorial Courtesy A folkway or informal norm of the Senate governing review of nominees for various federal positions. The practice of senatorial courtesy requires that a president con...