Answer: blood
Sangui - definition a combining form meaning "blood " used in the formation of technical terms: sanguiferous. See more.
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sangui . These ROOT-WORDS are SANG & SANGUI from the Latin sanguis meaning BLOOD.With all these bloody words this page is certainly a bloody words this page is certainly a bloody business.
Welcome. Sangui BioTech International Inc. ("SGBI") is a holding company the shares of which are being traded on the OTCQB marketplace and the OTC markets of the Berlin and Hamburg-Hannover stock exchanges. Its purpose is to provide financing and access to the capital markets for the enterprises of the Sangui group.
Founded in 2015 Sangui Bio is a Sydney-based life sciences company aiming to revolutionise how blood is analysed and used in medicine by shifting the focus to red blood cells (RBCs). We are creating powerful investigatory tools for a range of inflammatory conditions with an initial focus on cancer. Learn More.
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