Answer: postponment
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Word Origin late 15th century (as the past participle repryed): from Anglo-Norman French repris past participle of reprendre from Latin re- 'back' + prehendere 'seize'. The insertion of -v- (16th century) remains unexplained. Sense development has undergone a reversal from the early meaning 'send back to prison' via 'postpone a legal process' to the current sense 'rescue from impending punishment'.
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Reprieve definition is - to delay the punishment of (someone such as a condemned prisoner). How to use reprieve in a sentence.
verb (used with object) re·prieved re·priev·ing. to delay the impending punishment or sentence of (a condemned person). to relieve temporarily from any evil.
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1. (Law) to postpone or remit the punishment of (a person esp one condemned to death) 2. to give temporary relief to (a person or thing) esp from otherwise irrevocable harm: the government has reprieved the company with a huge loan.
Handed a reprieve Tagovailoa helped move the Dolphins 54 more yards downfield and running back Jordan ...