Answer: to laugh
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Conjugate Reír in every Spanish verb tense including preterite imperfect future conditional and subjunctive.
Sonreír (to smile) is conjugated in the same way as reír. So is freír (to fry) with one exception— freír has two past participles freído and frito. The latter is far more common. Two of the forms below rio and riais used to be spelled with an accent: rió and riáis respectively. But the Royal Spanish Academy eliminated the accents ...
reír. (Del lat. ridere .) 1. v. intr. y prnl. FISIOLOGÍA Mostrar una persona alegría o regocijo con ciertos movimientos del rostro y del cuerpo y con sonidos inarticulados se ríe tan fuerte que se la quedan mirando. carcajearse desternillarse. 2. v.
Reir Conjugation: Present Tense & Preterite. Instructor: Elena Sacramento Lechado Show bio. Elena has a PhD in linguistics from University of La Laguna (Spain). Currently she teaches Spanish as a ...
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Spanish: ·to laugh ... Definition from Wiktionary the free dictionary
reír. 'reír' es el modelo de su conjugación. Antiguamente las formas conj...