Answer: to regret
Define regretter . regretter synonyms regretter pronunciation regretter translation English dictionary definition of regretter . v. re·gret·ted re·gret·ting re·grets v. tr. 1. To feel sorry disappointed distressed or remorseful about: I regret not speaking to her before she...
Regret definition is - to mourn the loss or death of. How to use regret in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of regret.
Regretter is a regular -er verb so transforming it to mean "regretted " "regretting " or "will regret" uses the same endings as most French verbs. If you have previously studied common words like tomber (to fall) or tourner (to turn) the same rules you already know will apply here.
regretter d'avoir fait to regret doing. regretter que to regret that to be sorry that. je ne regrette rien I have no regrets. [+personne] to miss. [+chose temps] to miss. Je regrette mon ancien travail. I miss my old job. vi (=être désolé) to be sorry. Je regrette.
Translation of "regretter" in English. Ne me fais pas regretter ma fierté sentimentale. Now don't make me regret all of my sentimental prid...