Answer: stillness, being at rest
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Examples of quiescence in a Sentence the resort community's social scene is lively during the summer but undergoes a deep quiescence during the long winter was struck by the elk's quiescence as it just stood there in the clearing
quiescence quiescency the state or quality of being in repose or at rest. — quiescent adj.
Quiescence 4.5 At "key essence" they create timeless products that are "key" to capturing your own design "essence". Many years ago they were the first to combine iron and stone in an artistic fashion for the decorative bathroom market.
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Quiescence (/kwiˈɛsəns/) is a state of quietness or inactivity. It may refer to: Quiescence search in game tree searching (adversarial search) in artificial intelligence a quiescent state is one in which a game is considered stable and unlikely to change...