Answer: The Answer: The correct answer is Iceland.
The Question: Where can you find this black-sand beach with ice chunks?
The Answer: The correct answer is Iceland.
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Highlights you ll see along the way include Black Sand Beach Surprise Glacier and Barry Arm located in Harriman Fjord. Watch and listen as pieces of ice calve into the sea from the uncannily ...
And we couldn't also help but include this striking beach in our most enticing black sand beaches in the world list. It is actually pretty common to find black volcanic sand beaches in Iceland and when glassy chunks of ice beautify it casually that contrast is such a lovely treat to the eyes.
You'll find black sand beaches in Iceland scattered all around the country. And some of our most striking ones are in the southern volcanic zone along the South Coast. Reynisfjara beach is probably Iceland's most well-known black sand beach and one of our most popular tourist attractions.
Reynisfjara is the most popular black beach in Iceland. If you want to see the columnar basalt on a black beach in Iceland Reynisfjara is the beach . Most of the beaches in Iceland are black sand due to the volcanic origin and basalt in the minerals so you will find many of them on the south shore of Icel...