Answer: The Answer: The correct answer is "American Idol".
The Question: Jennifer Hudson got her start on which TV competition series?
The Answer: The correct answer is "American Idol".
Jennifer Lopez got emotional at Thursday's American Idol series finale. The singer actress and TV judge 46 wiped tears from her eyes at the finale for the competition show's farewell season at Dolby Theater in Hollywood. For the last time Lopez sat alongside her fellow judges Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. for the finale of the show's ...
Jennifer Hudson is still in denial Friday August 12 2011 The Internet is buzzing about how Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson went off on a fan who asked her a simple question on the social networking site yesterday.
I didn't know Megan Thee Stallion until you asked me but I have watched a few videos of hers now. Listening to her speaking I can hear similar pronunciations of words.
Richard Leise ~ Jennifer . Jennifer did not go by Jen and she cer­tain­ly did not answer to Jenny. Her name was like her face a sen­si­ble orga­ni­za­tion of set or fixed shapes. Her name was not a hair­cut a style some part of her ­self that for wed­ding or whim could be cut fash­ioned washed ...