Answer: Strictly attentive to details of form in action or conduct s:observant
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Word Origin mid 17th century: from French pointilleux from pointille from Italian puntiglio (see punctilio).
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A punctilio is a small point—a minor rule or a little detail of conduct in a ceremony. A person who pays close attention to such minor details is punctilious. Punctiliousness can be valuable especially for certain kinds of tasks as long as you don't become so concerned about small points that you fail to pay attention to the large ones.
Define punctilious. punctilious synonyms punctilious pronunciation punctilious translation English dictionary definition of punctilious. adj. 1. Strictly attentive to minute details of form in action or conduct. See Synonyms at meticulous. 2.
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Some common synonyms of punctilious are careful meticulous and scrupulous. While all these words mean "showing close attention to detail " punctilious implies minute even excessive attention to fine points. punctilious observance of ritual Where would careful be a reasonable alternative to punctilious?
Punctilious definition extremely attentive to punctilios; strict or exact in the observance ...