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Experts in the entire development process; prototyping sourcing production & more. Turn your idea into a production-ready prototype. What do you want to make?
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production compliance logistics.
Depends on the complexity & scope.
But you can start with a ballpark.
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US-based design & support.
Sourcing from 500+ vetted factories
in the US and overseas.
Make Pre-Production Prototypes In-House In Nearly Any Material. Get to the Market Faster by Taking Control of Your Rapid Prototyping Process.
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Develop Market and Sell an Idea. Find the Help You Need To Start Now. Turn Your Idea Into an Invention. Patent Create and Market Your Product.
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24 hour turn - proto & production High tech printed circuit experts. 40+layers: metal rigid flex HDI. Quick-turn prototypes & production.
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Precision CNC machining experts and full-suite accelerated manufacturing capabilities. Fast quotes. Parts in days. Engineers available for production feedback.
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Prototypes is a lifeline to women who are struggling with addiction and other serious issues such as domestic violence and mental illness. Many of these women are mothers who face an impossible choice: give up their children to foster care or a guardian or continue to suffer.
Prototype definition is - an original model on which something is patterned : archetype. How to use prototype in a sentence. Did you know?
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High-fidelity prototypes take you as close as possible to a true representation of the user interface. High-fidelity prototypes are assumed to be much more effective in collecting true human performance data (e.g. time to complete a task) and in demonstrating actual products to clients management and others. Creating Paper Prototypes
Types. Prototypes explore different aspects of an intended design: A proof-of-principle prototype serves to verify some key functional aspects of the intended design but usually does not have all the functionality of the final product.
Prototype Examples. Prototypes come in many types and shapes. It all depends on the reason for wha...