Answer: Beyond what is normal or natural; incapabl of being explained or understood
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Preternatural definition is - existing outside of nature. How to use preternatural in a sentence. Did you know?
Preternatural definition out of the ordinary course of nature; exceptional or abnormal: preternatural powers. See more.
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Preternatural . The preternatural (or praeternatural) is that which appears outside or beside (Latin: præter) the natural. It is "suspended between the mundane and the miraculous". In theology the term is often used to distinguish marvels or deceptive trickery often attributed to witchcraft or demons from the purely divine power of genuinely ...
38 synonyms of preternatural from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus plus 95 related words definitions and antonyms. Find another word for preternatural . Preternatural : being out of the ordinary.
preternatural meaning: 1. more than is usual or natural: 2. more than is usual or natural: . Learn more.
'The preternatural and superior order of the spiritual body over natural bodies is again introduced in Poem 33 which describes the claritas or divine lustre of the resurrected body.' 'In those ...