Answer: to practice
prac·ti·car. transitive. to practice practicar un baile nuevo - to practice a new dance. ejercer to practice exercise (a profession) hacer to perform do. abrir un agujero to make cut (a hole) sports to play go in for practicar el béisbol - to go in for baseball.
practicar translation in Spanish - English Reverso dictionary see also 'práctica' prácticas' práctico' practicable' examples definition conjugation
Examples have not been reviewed. practice (9125) practicing (1788) hiking (1603) practise (1154) play (462) Barcelona es una ciudad ideal para practicar casi cualquier deporte. Barcelona is an ideal city to practice almost any sport. Una de las mejores experiencias para practicar buceo en Cuba.
Practicar: Future Tense. Using the chart below you can learn how to conjugate the Spanish verb practicar in Future tense. Definition. to practice. Additional...