Answer: piombo
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Plomb definition any inert material inserted into a body cavity for therapeutic purposes. See more.
Define plomb . plomb synonyms plomb pronunciation plomb translation English dictionary definition of plomb . exactly vertical: plumb in the center; determine the ...
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Le plomb Écouter est l' élément chimique de numéro atomique 82 de symbole Pb. Dans les conditions standard le corps simple plomb est un métal malléable et gris bleuâtre qui blanchit lentement en s'oxydant. Le mot plomb et le symbole Pb viennent du latin plumbum (le métal plomb ).
The Plomb Tool Company was an important and innovative maker of automotive hand tools during the first half of the 20th century growing from a modest blacksmith shop to become one of the largest producers of hand tools. Then through an odd problem with trademarks Plomb lost the use of its main brand name in 1950 leaving a legacy of Plomb ...
Creator failed to account for extended reading or repose and hitherto subsequent resilience of plomb ; iv. the Creator has planted a deliberate ' plomb for a non-Creator to stop in tracks and admire. 1.
plomb translation in French - English Reverso dictionary see also 'plomber' fil à p...