Answer: irritably
Petulantly is the adverb formation of petulant which comes from the Latin word petulantem meaning "wanton " "forward " or "insolent." The modern use of petulantly has morphed to mean that one is moody or childish and no longer means that one is wanton or forward. Acting petulantly won't get you very far.
adjective moved to or showing sudden impatient irritation especially over some trifling annoyance: a petulant toss of the head. OTHER WORDS FOR petulant irritable peevish fretful pettish touchy.
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Petulant is one of many English words that are related to the Latin verb petere which means "to go to " "to attack " "to seek " or "to request." "Petere" is a relative of the Latin adjective petulans ("impudent") from which "petulant" was derived. Some other words with connections to "petere" are "compete" and "appetite."
/ ˈpetʃ.ə.lə / in a way that is petulant (= easily annoyed and rude like a child...