Answer: to break through
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Word Origin mid 17th century (also in the sense 'traverse'): from Latin pervadere from per- 'throughout' + vadere 'go'.
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English speakers borrowed "pervade" in the mid-17th century from Latin pervadere meaning "to go through." "Pervadere " in turn was formed by combining the prefix per- meaning "through " with the verb vadere meaning "to go." Synonyms of "pervade" include "permeate " "impregnate " and "saturate."
Pervade definition to become spread throughout all parts of: Spring pervaded the air. See more.
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/ pɚˈveɪd / When qualities characteristics or smells pervade a place or thing they spread through it and are present in every part of it: The film movie is a reflection of the violence that pervades our culture.
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