Answer: a strong liking
Word Origin late 17th century: from French 'leaning inclining' present participle of the verb pencher.
Scrabble Points: 15
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Like its synonyms "leaning " "propensity " and "proclivity " "penchant" implies a strong instinct or liking for something. But these four words while similar are also distinguished by subtle differences.
Some common synonyms of penchant are leaning proclivity and propensity. While all these words mean "a strong instinct or liking for something " penchant implies a strongly marked taste in the person or an irresistible attraction in the object. a penchant for taking risks When might leaning be a better fit than penchant?
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noun a strong inclination taste or liking for something: a penchant for outdoor sports.
penchant : noun affinity appetite ardor attachment at...