Answer: A formal gathering of all party members
Party caucus or confrence
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Members of each major party in the United States Congress meet regularly in closed sessions known as party conferences ( Republicans) or party caucuses ( Democrats ). Participants set legislative agendas select committee members and chairs and hold elections to choose various Floor leaders. This process takes place for both the Senate and the House of Representatives .
A party caucus or conference is the name given to a meeting whether regular or specially called of all party members in the House. The term "caucus" or "conference" can also mean the organization of all party members in the House. House Democrats refer to their organization as the Democratic Caucus while House Republicans refer to their organization as the House Republican Conference.The party caucus or conference officially elects party floor leaders; the party whips nominate each party ...
the Democratic Caucus and the Republican Conference and these differences are related in part to the tensions naturally arising between party leadership the committee system and the party caucuses.
party caucus a meeting of the members of a party in a legislative chamber to select party leaders and to develop party policy. called a conference by the republicans. Majority Leader
In most political parties the party conference is the highest decision-making body of the organization tasked with electing or nominating the party's leaders or leadership bodies deciding party policy and setting the party's platform and agendas. The definitions of all of these terms vary greatly depe...