Answer: my younger brother
A word in the Japanese language often meaning 'younger brother'.
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Entries with " otouto ". imouto: …honorific attached) imouto-chan / imoutochan (familiar honorific attached) Coordinate terms shimai (sister) Antonyms otouto (younger brother) ani (elder brother) ane…. kyoudai: kyoudai (Japanese) Alternative forms kyōdai (Hepburn romaji) きょうだい (Hiragana) Noun 兄弟: brother brothers (Wapuro ...
What is Otouto Mean? We only have one pronunciation of "otouto" in the context of the term and that is [Di] Its meaning is "younger brother" in the family context. The ideogram may also mean "pupil" "apprentice" or both. This is why you'll also see this kanji when discussing school.
en 弟: little brother younger brother (Wapuro romaji) ...