Answer: to forget
Translate Olvidarse . See 5 authoritative translations of Olvidarse in English with example sentences conjugations and audio pronunciations.
2) Olvidarse de. On the other hand olvidarse is a pronominal verb which means that reflexive pronouns are needed. It should always be attached to a de preposition (although that's not always the case when used informally by native speakers). Olvidarse de is commonly used when talking about "forgetting to do something". For example:
Olvidarse . On the other side of our olvidar vs olvidarse discussion the situation is a bit more complex. As you remember olvidarse is an intransitive pronominal and reflexive verb. This means that it requires both reflexive pronouns and the preposition de after the verb to work properly.
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This week explore how the verb 'olvidar' is used and how the idea of something forgotten in Spanish differs from how we are used to it in English. There are 5 main ideas around the use of verb 'olvidar' that we explore in today's Spanish podcast. Firstly we talk about how forgetting is usually something that happens in the past.
The infinitive is taken as the subject of the sentence and it will be considered as a singular subject. For example: In the second example there i...