Answer: a farm
nōjō (農場)
What does 農場 ( Nōjō ) mean in Japanese? 農場 . English Translation. farm. More meanings for 農場 ( Nōjō ) farm noun. ファーム 作場. farms.
The Farm ( 農場 Nōjō ?) is an area that Leon has to go through two times on his way to save Ashley Graham and later to leave with her which afterwards he has to fight multiple Villagers in a cabin with Luis Sera. It is also visited in the Separate Ways scenario where Ada has access to a barn balcony (using her Grapple Gun) that Leon did not have access to. This area is a farm which ...
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Yamagata Girls Farm (山形ガールズ 農場 Yamagata Gāruzu Nōjō ) is an agricultural organization in the city of Murayama in Yamagata Prefecture Japan whose goal is to promote agriculture work amongst young women.
The Battle of Ketil Farm (ケティル 農場 の戦い Ketiru Nōjō no Tatakai) is the 91st chapter in the series. 1 Characters 2 Short Summary 3 Long Summary 4 Navigation Canute Wulf Thorgil Olmar Ketil Snake Thorfinn Pater Leif Ericson Thorfinn Arnheid Einar Hjalti (dream) Gardar ...