Answer: agriculture, farming
nōgyō (農業)
English words for 農業 include agriculture farming industry agricultural and farming. Find more Japanese words at!
The English for 農業 の is agricultural. Find more Japanese words at!
Nōgyō kakumei no riron to jissai 農業 革命の理論と實際 / "MOJ 75-A 983": intended for microfilm. Collection of selected works and data translated from the Russian. Cf. Translator's pref. and table of contents.
キーワード – nōgyō 農業 . Article. Nicolas Baumert. Les indications géographiques alimentaires made in Japan.
Translation of collection of articles from English French German and Russian. Includes bibliographical references. LC copy from Naimushō Keihokyoku censorship collection; inspector's decision: "Kinshi shobun shikarubeki ya." LC copy brittle. "MOJ 75-A 847": intended for microfilm.
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