Answer: pus
nō (膿)
What does 膿 ( Nō ) mean in Japanese? 膿 . English Translation. pus. More meanings for 膿 ( Nō ) pus noun. 膿 . matter noun.
Nō evolved from several strands of the performing arts and has been performed in Japan since the fourteenth century. Its status advanced during the Muromachi period (1392–1573) when the shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu supported the work of Kan'ami (1333–1384) and his son Zeami (ca. 1363–ca. 1443) an actor and playwright who also wrote theoretical works about the art of Nō .
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Nō is a traditional Japanese performing art combining chant music dance acting as well as masks and costumes. Nōgaku comprises of two stage arts: nō based on chant and dance and kyōgen its comedic counterpart based on dialogue. Nō has been transmitted uninterruptedly for over six centuries.
膿 . pus. 留意 感染 的 徵兆,比如 發燒、發紅、腫脹、灼熱、疼痛 加劇、流膿或 割傷 部位 周圍 有 紅色 條紋 等。 [MSC trad.] 留意 感染 的 征兆,比如 发烧、发红、肿胀、...