Answer: cerebral
nō no (脳の)
The Nō Nō no Mi ( 脳脳の 果 literally translated as Brain Brain Fruit?) is a fearsome devil fruit as well as a mouthful to pronounce. It grants the user an ability to connect their brain signals with other brains inside a certain distance. So long as the brains are in a sleeping unconscious or dead body they can be connected. The users brain acts as the central pinpoint connecting to ...
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What does 脳 ( Nō ) mean in Japanese? 脳 . English Translation. brain. More meanings for 脳 ( Nō ) brain noun. 頭脳 ブレーン 大脳 脳髄 知能. memory noun.
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Unno Juza. In this Japanese name the surname is Unno. Unno Jūza or Unno Jūzō (海野 十三 December 26 1897 - May 17 1949) was the pen name of Sano Shōichi (佐野 昌一) the founding father of Japanese science fiction. He was born to a family of medical doctors in Tokushima city. In 1928 he ...