Answer: false
minor parties in the us are often a powerful minority in Congress
Major parties are often successful in attracting minor - party voters because major parties are permeable and ambiguous ideologically. [27] After the Democrats in Congress were instrumental in passing the Voting Rights Act in 1964 the Republican Party absorbed the southern Dixiecrats a Democratic Party faction opposed to the legislation.
A minor political party or third party in the United States is a political party other than the two major political parties . The two major political parties at the national level are the Republican Party and the Democratic Party . As of May 2018 there were at least 32 distinct ballot-qualified political parties in the United States .
While the excruciating battles of partisan politics slow the work of Congress - often to a crawl the legislative process would probably cease to function at all without the efforts of the House and Senate majority and minority party leaders and whips. Often agents of contention the congressional party leaders are more importantly agents of ...
by the minority party has clearly been the Minority Leader."9 However this assertion is subject to dispute. On December 3 1883 the House elected Democrat John G. Carlisle of Kentucky as 4 See Garrison Nelson "Leadership Position-Holding in the United States House of Representatives " Capitol Studies Fall 1976 p. 17.
The House of Representatives with its large membership has chosen majo...