Answer: contains teh majority of the photosynthetic tissue. this layer of the leaf
consists of a type of leaf parenchyma that contains a large number of cells
arranged in a way that provides the internal anatomy of the leaf with
numerous air spaces. these air spaces will alow air to circulate throughout
the mesophyll layer and connect to the external envoiroment via the
stomata. the circulation of air throughtout the leaf brings CO2 to the
photosynthetic cells where it will ultimately be used in the carbon
fixation process and O2 away from the photo synthetic cells where it can
enter the atmosphere. leaves that are orientated perpendicular to the rays
of the sun have two layers of mesophyll
Mesophyll is usually specialized as a photosynthetic tissue. In roses as in many plants particularly in dicotyledons the mesophyll is differentiated into palisade parenchyma and spongy parenchyma (Figure 4). The palisade cells are always found on the adaxial surface of the leaf.
The central leaf or mesophyll consists of soft-walled unspecialized cells of the type known as parenchyma. As much as one-fifth of the mesophyll is composed of chlorophyll-containing chloroplasts which absorb sunlight and in conjunction with certain enzymes use the radiant energy in decomposing water into its elements
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Mesophyll definition is - the parenchyma between the epidermal layers of a foliage leaf.
The mesophyll is a soft spongy material located between the upper and lower epidermal surfaces and is where photosynthesis takes place. It also contains...