Answer: a tendency to approach a problem in a particular way, especially one that
has been successful in the past.
mental set
How Mental Sets Prohibit Seeing Solutions to Problems Overview. When we are solving problems we often tend to fall back on solutions that have worked in the past. In many... Impact of Past Experiences. While in many cases we can use our past experiences to help solve the issues we face it can... ...
The definition of mental set in psychology is the tendency our brain has to stick with the most familiar solution to a problem ignoring all the other alternatives. This tendency is normally and likely driven by previous experiences or knowledge (long-term mental set) or could also be a temporary by-product of procedural training (short-term mental set).
I have decided to write on mental set. The definition of mental set is "the tendency to approach situations in a certain way because that method worked in the past. However you can also think of a mental set as a part you play on a normal basis…and you are a very good actor!" ( I think this was a great definition of mental set.
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A mental set or "entrenchment " is a frame of mind involving a model that represents a problem a problem context or a procedure for problem solving. When problem solvers have an entrenched mental set ...