Answer: An evil-doer or criminal
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Word Origin late Middle English: from Latin from malefact- 'done wrong' from the verb malefacere from male 'ill' + facere 'do'.
Scrabble Points: 17
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Malefactor definition is - one who commits an offense against the law; especially : felon. How to use malefactor in a sentence.
malefactor- someone who has committed a crime or has been legally convicted of a crime criminal crook felon outlaw accessary accessory- someone who helps another person commit a crime arsonist firebug incendiary- a criminal who illegally sets fire to property
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a person who violates the law; criminal. a person who does harm or evil especially toward another. OTHER WORDS FOR malefactor 1 felon culprit.
MALEFACTOR . mal-e-fak'-ter (kakopoios "a bad doer " i.e. "evildoer " "criminal"; kakourgos "a wrongdoer"): The former occurs in John 18:30 the King James Version the latter which is the stronger term in Luke 23:32 39. The former describes the subject as doing or making evil the latter as creating or origina...