Answer: shaft
Long Part of bone
Long bones are one of the five bone types that are classified by shape. Long bones include the humerus (upper arm) radius (forearm) ulna (forearm) femur (thigh) fibula (thin bone of the lower leg) tibia (shin bone ) phalanges (digital bones in the hands and feet) metacarpals ( long bones within the hand) and metatarsals ( long bones within the feet).
Elongated hollow central portion of the bone located between the methaphyses; it is made of compact tissue and encloses the medullary cavity. distal epiphysis Enlarged terminal part of the bone farthest from the center of the body made of spongy tissue and articulating with neighboring bones.
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A typical long bone consists of the following parts: The diaphysis (growing between) is the shaft of a long bone — the long cylindrical main portion of the bone. The epiphyses (growing over; singular is epiphysis) are the proximal and distal ends of the bone. The metaphys...