Answer: disinterest/disregard
L'indifférence (f)
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Indifference definition is - the quality state or fact of being indifferent. How to use indifference in a sentence. the quality state or fact of being indifferent; absence of compulsion to or toward one thing or another…
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Figure 1. Lilly's Indifference Curves. Lilly would receive equal utility from all combinations of books and doughnuts on a given indifference curve. Any points on the highest indifference curve Uh like F provide greater utility than any points like A B C and D on the middle indifference curve Um.
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Summary. An indifference curve is a contour line where utility remains constant across all points on the line. The four properties of indifference curves are: (1) indifference curves can never cross (2) the farther out an indifference curve lies the higher the utility it indicates (3) indifference curves always slope downwards and (4) indifference curves are convex.
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