Answer: White blood cell
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a type of blood cell that lacks hemoglobin and is therefore colorless. Leukocytes are larger in size and fewer in number than erythrocytes; normally the blood has about 8000 of them per mm 3. In contrast to erythrocytes leukocytes can move about under their own power with ameboid movement.
Leukocyte definition is - any of the colorless blood cells of the immune system including the neutrophils lymphocytes monocytes eosinophils basophils and their derivatives : white blood cell.
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Leukocytes are the major cellular components of the inflammatory and immune system. While they only make up about 1 percent of the blood in the body leukocytes play an important role in protecting the body from infections/diseases caused by various microorganisms (e.g. bacteria amoeba etc) and other types of parasites (filarial worms etc).
White blood cells (WBCs) also called leukocytes or leucocytes are the cells of the immune system that are involved in protecting the body against both infectious disease and foreign invaders. All white blood cells are produced and derived from multipotent cells in the b...