Answer: to know a lot of people
kao ga hiroi (顔が広い)
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The antonym for hiroi (meaning "broad") is semai (狭い) (meaning "narrow") but note that kao ga semai ( 顔 が狭い) does not describe a person who has few acquaintances. 「 広い 」の対義語は「狭い」ですが、「知り合いが少ない」ことを「 顔 が狭い」とは言わないので、注意してください。
顔が広い : 顔が広い (Japanese) Kanji in this term: 顔 広 Idiom 顔が広い (hiragana かおがひろい romaji kao ga hiroi ) literally their face is wide - widely known well-known well….
顔が広い . To be established in business or to be respected in society it is important to be kao ga hiroi . The kao ga hiroi person is often the community leader or the authority figure in the profession. He or she has many contacts in the community and is expected to perform a paternal or maternal role. A: Sachiko-san mata omiai na n desu tte.
顔 が広く: かおがひろく: kao ga hiroku: Terminal 顔が広い : かおがひろい: kao ga hiroi : Attributive 顔が広い : かおがひろい: kao ga hiroi : Hypothetical 顔 が広けれ: かおがひろけれ: kao ga hirokere: Imperative 顔 が広かれ: かおがひろかれ: kao ga hirokare: Key constructions
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