Answer: to canvass, to persuade, to invite
kan'yū suru (勧誘する)
勧 誘 する • (kan'yū suru) transitive suru (stem 勧 (かん) 誘 (ゆう) し (kan'yū shi) past 勧 (かん) 誘 (ゆう) した (kan'yū shita) kyūjitai 勸誘) to solicit to bid to induce to persuade
Conjugate the Japanese verb 勧誘する : present past volitional potential conjugation models and irregular verbs. Translate 勧誘する in context with examples of use and definition.
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勧誘する Aktie ... 勧誘 (shinjitai kanji kyūjitai kanji 勸誘 hiragana かんゆう romaji kan'yū ) soliciting inducement ...
勧誘 (_shinjitai kanji_ _kyūjitai kanji_ 勸誘 _hiragana_ かんゆう _romaji_ KAN'YŪ ) * soliciting inducement 勧誘 ( shinjitai kan...