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kan'yō (慣用)
Need to translate " 慣用 " ( Kan'yō ) from Japanese? Here are 4 possible meanings.
慣用 : customary usage; 涵養: cultivation fostering; 間葉: mesenchyme; 官用: official use; Verb . かんようする • ( kan'yō suru) suru (stem かんようし ( kan'yō shi) past かんようした ( kan'yō shita)) 涵養: cultivate foster; 慣用 : use according to custom
慣用 句 (かんようく) ( kan yōku " idiom ") Verb . 慣 用 する • ( kan'yō suru) transitive suru (stem 慣 (かん) 用 (よう) し ( kan'yō shi) past 慣 (かん) 用 (よう) した ( kan'yō shita)) use customarily use commonly
a normalized kanji reading that falls outside of the conventional categories (呉音 (gōon) 漢音 ( kan on) 唐音 (tō'on)) not showing the expected correspondences to the "correct" Chinese pronunciation recorded in rime dictionaries; Synonyms . 慣用 読 (かんようよ) み ( kan yōyomi) References
From 簡易 (かんい) ( kan i " simple ") + 慣用 (かんよう) ( kan'yō " common usage ") + 字体 (じたい) (jitai " form of a character "). Noun . 簡 易 慣 用 字 体 • ( kan i kan'yō jitai) variant kanji whose use in place of the 印刷標準...