Answer: a tortoise shell
kame no kō (亀の甲)
Kame no ko senbei: 亀の甲 せんべい. Sometimes it is abbreviated to かめせん kamesen. Kamenoko senbei is shaped like tortoise shell. It is an old-fashioned Okinawa snack but still popular. It is salty and fried crackers. It is cheap to buy in stores. There are a few different brands of kamenoko senbei one is Tamaki snack company.
Allow me to digress to " Kame no Kou " ("tortoise shell") a sake created from a rare kind of polished brewer's rice called " Kame no Oh" ("tortoise tail"). The sake is heavily brewed using rice totally milled to a Polishing Ratio of just 8%. A brewery alone cannot possibly make this extremely special brew.
" Kame no kō yori toshi no kō " è un kotowaza un proverbio che molto spesso in giapponese fa uso di giochi di parole come in questo caso.
亀の甲 より年の劫 ( Kame no kou yori toshi no kou) Literally : Maturity is greater in value than a tortoise shell. Meaning : The older the wiser. / Years bring wisdom. Wisdom is acquired through age and live experience. Old people being wise are worthy to respect.
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