Answer: structure, an appearance, a style; an attitude, a posture
kamae (構え)
Kamae (構え ) translates approximately to "posture" or "combat posture". The Kanji of this word means "base". As a practitioner of the martial arts for over 50 years and a student of Master Kise's and Kaicho's for over 30 years I would offer my humble opinion on this subject.
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Anyone practicing Ninjutsu or any other traditional Japanese martial art has probably heard the word Kamae (構え). In Ninjutsu Kamae are the stances used in combat martial practice and daily life. It's a Japanese term used in other martial arts and traditional theater that roughly translates as "posture" or "base".
Kamae (構え) is a Japanese term used in martial arts and traditional theater. It translates approximately to "posture". The Kanji of this word means "base". Kamae is to be differentiated from the word tachi (立ち) used in Japanese martial arts to mean stance.
Hasso-no-kamae (wood) - Stand in left hanmi eyes to the front weight evenly distributed. The bokken is raised vertically with the hands at the levels o...