Answer: urgent, pressing
kakyū no (火急の)
Need to translate " 火急 " ( Kakyū ) from Japanese? Here are 2 possible meanings.
火急 ( kakyū ) : Urgent. For example 「彼は 火急の 用事で出かけている」(Kare wa kakyū no yōji de dekaketeiru) means he is out on urgent business. Probably the most frequent situation you encounter when doing business is when Japanese people are asking to do something with a very short deadline.
kakyū no (火急の ) urgent pressing kamaboko (蒲鉾) boiled fish paste nonkini kamaeru (のんきに構える) to take it easy to take things easy kakushiki (格式) status formality kama o kakeru (鎌をかける) to trick/lead into telling the truth kamachi (框) a doorframe a window frame
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【 火急の 】 か │ きゅうの 2 kakyū no dringend; dringlich; brennend; sehr eilig. Stich...